There’s a new option for those in Wollongong looking for team building in Australia, as local company Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms has been promoting itself throughout the area.

Any employees looking to spend some time team building with Breakout however, need to be comfortable being locked in a room with other people. The company is billing what it considers a different and more extreme take on team building in Australia, a new, interactive and fun way to handle team building.

Breakout’s two owners, Brett Baker and Colin Bloomfield spoke to local news on the matter, saying that they think that the facility as a great place for companies to develop the people skills, professional development and team effectiveness of their workforce, and they have also recently added a workshop aspect, as compliment to the main program.

Breakout’s program incorporates the physical game as way to inspire and foster team building and cooperation, unlike more traditional ways of corporate training. This is done via employees working together to solve codes and riddles and the like.

Mr. Baker explained the mechanics of the program, saying that the end goal is to ‘escape’ the room successfully within a specific time frame. Additionally, the program also has a one-day workshop where the team will get the chance to develop their personal and interpersonal abilities in a new course, one creatively designed to ensure engagement and development. Baker states that the main idea behind the design was to create an engaging training method that puts people under pressure and lets them improve rise to adversity.

The facility has already had several customers, as companies across the country look for places for team building in Australia, looking to develop communication and cooperation within their workforce.

One such customer is Stellar Asia Pacific, with Centre Manager Matt Whiteside speaking on the experience. He says that the program was a great opportunity for his team, letting them improve and develop on their skills on the workplace.

Whiteside describes the program as impressively well-thought out and designed, allowing it to be effective in improving how people operate in the office space when they come back.

Breakout’s Corporate Team Building Program also provides pre- and post-workshop material, aimed to supplement the experience and improve team productivity after the program itself, for long-term results.

Whiteside says that the pre-work and follow-up made the program long term, something that becomes part of the usual routine, to fight the usual dip in interest that usually follows such activities.