All the essentials for your packaging can be provided by Paper Mart through its vast selection of boxes, bags and unique items. It is possible to ship Paper Mart boxes the same day as you place an order. Like most packaging firms, Paper Mart boxes are used by ecommerce companies when sending product orders to customers.

Amazon is considered as the largest internet-based retailer of electronics in the United States. Amazon also has separate retail websites that cater to customers from different countries all over the world. Recently, Amazon holds the honor of being the first company to advertise an un-related product in its packaging boxes.

Amazon is rolling out ads on its delivery boxes to promote the new Minions movie from the Despicable Me franchise. According to Geek Wire, the delivery boxes that were sent to customers last week contained different types of advertisements. The customer can also find a link on the box to a Minion page on Amazon’s website. This is quite surprising considering that this is the first time that Amazon will be using its boxes to promote a non-Amazon product.

According to Geek Wire, the move taken by Amazon can be a lucrative revenue stream because the boxes are sent all over the country. It seems that boxes are a hit with customers because they have been posting Minions-themed boxes on their social media accounts. This is something different because companies do not normally advertise products other than their own. Whether it will become a trend within the e-commerce industry and buoy Amazon’s profitability is yet to be seen.

The Minion film ad also strengthens Amazon’s reputation as a media business. Although Amazon refuses to disclose the financial details of the deal it would probably offset the shipping costs of millions of packaging boxes shipped all over the world. However, according to experts, even if the move becomes successful it should be used sparingly otherwise customers may get tired of it. The effect will wear thin if Amazon does this regularly. This is definitely a risk that Amazon is taking so that they can mitigate their losses in free shipping.