For those who already know, Bangkok can provide a quick and convenient way to travel around the city. The Bangkok Mass Transport System, opened by the end of 1999, is a railway system which takes passengers to their desired destination, amidst the traffic jams and crowds down below. Visitors spend a few or more days in this vibrant city to see the spectacular tourist attractions like the gleaming temples, art galleries, museums or while sipping cocktails at one of the city’s chic bars. However, there are also those who find the hustling and bustling city life overwhelming. As the city is rather challenging, they will want to return to a Sukhumvit hotel near BTS to relax, rest and sleep.

The BTS in Bangkok

Commonly referred to as the BTS or Skytrain, the above-ground train network has two lines dissecting the city and where passengers can easily and quickly find their way towards the centre of the city. Large, colourful maps on the Skytrain will make you stop at each station so you surely find your way to your destination.

For those who are travelling Bangkok for the first time, the Skytrain can be your cheap guide to take you to outstanding sights of the city. You can explore the city’s parks under the heat of the sun. However, you can board the Skytrain to see the huge and gorgeous Lumpini Park, while travellers look down on the green space from the comfort of their railroad car. Once the tour is completed, they can head back to the Sukhumvit hotel near BTS for a soothing accommodation.

Exiting Skytrain Stations

Boarding the train will make you notice clear signs written in English that show you the way to the breathtakingattractions and spectacular buildings of the city. Every station has their own exit, which is marked on maps of the area displayed on boards around the station. The maps are marked with the main points of interest, so visitors can easily find the correct exit.

Small offices at every station can gladly help you find the right exit when you encounter problems with the locations. They can readily assist you when you need advice on which Skytrain to take to get back to your destination. At the end of the trip, you’ll want to proceed to your Sukhumvit hotel near BTS to end your exciting day.