Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan on the Latam tech boom

International trade expert Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has highlighted the growth of the technology industry across Latin America as a key example of the region’s potential for innovation and economic growth. “The massive growth in the technology industry here since only 2010 is proof that innovation can flourish in this continent, and Latin America is set to become a global hub for the sort of technology that will build the future.” Citing research from Deloitte and  Forbes, Gonzalez Dellan argues that  multinationals such as Google and IBM have looked away from the traditional technology powerhouses such as America in their search for talent, and they have found plenty across Latin America. The growth has been such that Argentina, despite its many economic difficulties, is now the eighth-largest exporter of computer services in the world, and others are not far behind. Gonzalez Dellan argues that this growth is simply scratching the surface of what can be offered by the continent. “This growth has shown that a relative lack of infrastructure is no barrier to success if human capital is present. I believe more global players should follow this example and look at the benefits of Latin America as a base for innovation and production.”

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan is an international trade expert and entrepreneur.