Most of us are told that we should see a dentist twice a year even if we don’t have any tooth issues. However, many fail to do this because of various reasons. Others visit the dentist when the problem is already present. The ideal thing to do is really to visit the dentist on a regular basis.

Even if you always brush your teeth and floss them, this does not mean it’s alright for you not to visit a dentist in West Chester. Without having your teeth cleaned at least one time each year, you can be at risk of having serious health problems such as gum disease, dementia, or coronary artery issues. Thus, it is necessary to have a regular dental check-up with a dentist in West Chester.

Signs when you need to see your dentist immediately

  1. Tooth pain

It is always difficult to ignore the pain you feel when your tooth aches. Tooth pain should not be taken for granted. This demands a visit to your dentist.

  1. Swollen gums

If you have inflamed gums, you must immediately see your dentist. Swollen gums could be a sign of periodontitis or gingivitis.

  1. White colored spots on your teeth

These white spots are early signs of tooth decay. Dental decay often occurs without any symptoms, that is why it is important to see your dentist regularly.

  1. Sensitive feeling to hot or cold fluids

If you are sensitive to hot or cold, it could be a sign of tooth decay. Dental decay initially affects the exterior part of your teeth.

  1. The mouth changes color

Look at the inner part of your mouth after brushing your teeth. If you notice any discoloration, see a dentist immediately.

  1. Canker sores

Canker sores are quite common issues for some people. If it lingers, go see a dentist immediately.

  1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by different reasons. It can be caused by prescription drugs or can come with age. But if there are no explanations of its occurrence, you need to see a dentist.

  1. Headaches

Headaches can sometimes be associated with grinding your teeth while sleeping. Your dentist can prescribe a mouthguard you can wear at night.

  1. Bad breath

Bad breath can be a sign of gingivitis which can lead to more serious dental problems when left unattended.

  1. Metallic taste

It is quite odd if you feel like you have just masticated some coins, but this is also a sign of gingivitis which can lead to periodontitis and bad breath.

If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t delay going to the dentist. These symptoms need immediate dental attention.