Are you planning to visit Phuket and its surrounding islands to see the pristine tropical beaches? Perhaps you want to explore the Similan Islands, which is considered a world’s diving spot. To see these places, you need to charter a private boat in Phuket, especially if you’re coming with a group of people. There may be day tours to accommodate you, but it isn’t enough to explore the beauty of the region.

Below are benefits of a private boat in Phuket to enjoy this amazing region:

  • Escape the tourist crowds:

If you want to tour the James Bond Island for instance, you’ll realize that it’s impossible to capture the nail island without meeting lots of people in the background. If you go for a private boat in Phuket, you can enjoy a holiday in paradise.

  • Enjoy the great weather conditions:

Phuket has great weather conditions, which many tourists will love to enjoy all year round. Whether you’re here during high or low season, a personalized private boat trip can take you to the beautiful places surrounding Phuket. The boat can take you to reachable islands no matter how far it is.

  • Be pampered in protected bays with calm waters:

Along the Andaman shores are amazing protected bays with calm waters. Just like the Phang Nga Bay, a 400 square-kilometre area protected from the monsoonal winds. If you come here with a private boat in Phuket, you’ll be in the best place to enjoy.

  • Discover specific underwater world:

If you want to enjoy scuba diving in Thailand, then come to Phuket. Here you’ll find unique sea turtles and eye-catching colourful corals and fishes. If you dive in these areas, you’ll see more exotic sea creatures like whale sharks and manta rays. However, if you’re travelling to the Similan Islands, come here between mid-October to mid-May to enjoy an amazing diving experience.

  • Watch the Sunset at Sea:

The Phuket sunset is something to look out for on a private boat. You can be impressed by this magnificent scene when you’re boarding a private boat in Phuket. You can be with family or a group of friends, while enjoying the soft breeze, luscious food, champagne and cocktails, and a sky with orange and red hues.