Similan Islands is found in the Andaman Sea where lots of preferred dive spots are everywhere. Scuba divers, whether new or professional, come to board a Similan island liveaboard just to travel and see what this specific granite islands can offer underwater. You can read through to see why Similan islands is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world.

A Variety of Accommodation Options

Just because the Similan islands is a protected marine national park, travellers may consider it as an impossible place to stay on the island. However, this is not the case. In the national park are few accommodation options so you can explore the islands for more than just a day. Visitors can choose to hire a Similan Island liveaboard where they can stay on the boat overnight and dive at daytime while on the Andaman Sea.

It’s Very Affordable

Many visitors find Thailand an affordable diving destination, which includes Similan islands. A visitor can expect an affordable price for the diving and will not seem that the beach resorts and its locals are extracting money on what they offer. If you had to dive in the Andaman Sea, you will be spending 6000 to 7000 baht and it takes you while on the Similan island liveaboard. You can also enjoy snorkelling daytrips that is priced usually around 3000 to 4100 baht.

Snorkelers are Welcome

If you don’t want to go diving underneath the seawater, you can simply enjoy snorkelling in the Similan Islands. There are gears to rent in the headquarters of the national park or you can choose a daytrip to take you to places like Khao Lak and Phuket for a reasonable price. Ensure that you’re visiting the Island between October to May. Otherwise, the Similan Island marine national park is closed during bad weather conditions.

The Dive Sites

On the Similan Islands you will find lots of dive spots to choose where your Similan island liveaboard can go. The destinations will pose lots of benefits and drawbacks and it all depends on the diver coming here. There are dive sites that allow the explorer to go beneath 30-metres deep, while few others are just few meters from the surface. In the Similan Island, only six islands are allowed for divers and snorkelers to see due to marine conservation reasons.