With the popularity of online retailing, the momentum world of traditional retailing has come to screeching pause. Although traditional retailing is still indispensable, many businesses are leaning towards a total revamp in their business transactions and doing everything online. Getting online means getting your business a website that will present your branding and products in the most professional and attractive way. You need to employ the masters of the craft to build the perfect website for your company. Perth Web Design ( www.perth-web-design.com.au ) might just be the group of experts that can help you with your project.

In online retailing, you can easily get your business activities be noticed by your target audience since the internet is now a staple in the daily routines of people. In this article, we will be learning on how the giant Amazon made its fortune out of retailing online. Here are some helpful tips that will boost your sales.

• Understand the power of speed

One of the focuses of Amazon.com is maintaining a high powered page speed for their website. Company sales and shopper’s experience largely hinge on the time that it takes for your web page to load. Amazon conducted researches in the performance of its web page. It notes that in every 100ms of web page load time, there was a corresponding 1 percent decrease in online sales. As an online retailer, your web page loading time should not be more than 2 seconds.

• Offer a great shopping experience

You can offer an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers by personalizing their shopping. This will keep your customers in your website, eventually making that purchase. In the home page of Amazon, you will notice that things are personalized. You will sell various sections like “Related to Items You’ve Viewed”, “Recommendations for You in” and “Inspired by Your Shopping Trends”.

• Make searching easy

Searching products or ideas in your website can make an impact on the user’s experience. Ensure that searching in your website is just a stroll in the park. Don’t make things complicated for your users. Your customers will purchase the product if you can present it to them quickly. Take for example in Amazon, searching is made easier by suggesting immediately popular categories, designs and products to user.