There has been an increasing rate of obesity and absence of more physical activities among kids. As a result, flexible seating arrangements are provided in relation to kids school chairs in the classroom.  Aside from eliminating a one-size-fits-all model to the teaching styles, tools and curriculum for elementary schools, the trend has permitted the exploration of ways for kids to move and attain the best learning.

Though the flexible seating options is something new to the general school population, it has been used in occupational therapies for quite some time. The choices include rocking chairs, bean bags, T-stools and air cushions that are now used by students with special needs. This can provide a growing benefit for alternative seating with students in special education.

A recent study proved that using standing desks can minimise the obesity of elementary school children by 5%. The study observed 24 classes with about 200 students for two years during third and fourth grade. These students were provided with standing desks with stool and foot rest, so they can sit and stand for as long as they wish. Though the study focused on standing desks, the researchers were observing more the activities and movements of the children in the classroom and its impact.

The teachers teaching K-12th grade were pursuing platforms to obtain funding for kids school chairs like ball chairs, rock chairs and wobble stools. It also included standup desks, core discs and carpet for their specific stations and activities.

This is what’s great for the flexible seating choices with kids school chairs, as there is no limit to a large variety of seating sizes and styles to the various movement and classroom seating arrangements. This relatively new movement will help children to move freely and swiftly, while improving their self-regulation and focus. However, the study shows it’s not a one-size-fit-all scenario.

For those students who lack postural control and core strength, ball chairs may not be convenient option as it’spotentially unsafe when used for a short period of time. The students will become over-stimulated with movements and may find it difficult to focus on their lessons.