People looking for Perth computer repairs caught wind of changes, as ASX-listed Wesfarmers recently announced developments in two of its most prominent retail subsidiaries; Bunnings and Officeworks.

Via an investor presentation, Bunnings announced that it’ll be developing and rolling out a “Click & Collect” service for customers, as part of their efforts to expand their online offerings to customers.

According to another released company document, a briefing report, Bunnings is looking to provide customers with more convenience, as well as more options, as part of their focus in complimenting their in-store experience. The report says that the new service will build on their customers’ demand for inspiration, as well as additional information.

Bunnings noted of their site’s traffic, with the company site reportedly ranking in as Australia’s fourth most visited shopping and classified website, with its monthly 15 million sessions. The company stated that its plan for online operations would let it create a seamless and integrated platform with its storefront operations as foundation.

The Click & Collect platform underwent a trial period at the Bunnings in Craigieburn, during December 2018, with plans to expand the platform across Tasmania, as well as to create a fully operational site sometime mid-2020.

Meanwhile, Wesfarmers’s other subsidiary, office supplies retail chain Officeworks, has moved into services with its acquisition of service and Perth computer repairs provider Geeks2U sometime near early March in an undisclosed transaction.

The acquisition was announced on the first day of March 2019, with Officeworks Managing Director Sarah Hunt saying that the move was part of their efforts to expand offerings for their customers, and that Geeks2U compliments their current products and services quite well.

She says that Geeks2U is an established business known for its great customer service, which Officeworks believes is something they also want. The services the firm provides, she says, will go a long way to helping deal with the issues that customers face in their homes, offices, or businesses that stop them from being connected. She believes that, working together, they can offer far more comprehensive solutions for their customers’ needs.

Geeks2U founders David and Michael Hancock will both continue to operate as general managers, with David noting that, even though they’ll be part of Officeworks’ services offerings, they’ll continue to provide their services to all their customers.