Whether you’re in your home, office or even in a public place such as a mall, there’s one place we, human beings, go to in case of emergency or, in other terms, to answer the call of Mother Nature, the bathroom. Even in the finest restaurants that you can find within your city, they give special attention when designing, building and then, managing the bathrooms on a daily basis because whether we admit it or not, we cannot survive without clean bathrooms. Sure, we can do our private things in the woods or even on the side of the roads but we all know that’s it’s not a good practice to begin with and it’s also unhealthy not just to you but to other people as well. You see, when we pee anywhere and not in the actual bathroom, we have the tendency to contaminate the drinking water that’s flowing in the water pipes because whether you know it or not, those tiny urine droplets can mix up with the water that we are drinking when we pee let’s say in an open area where nobody’s around. Now, if you are in the process of planning up what to put in your bathroom, it’s recommended that you check out websites such as the BMS website for bathroom fixtures which can make any bathroom look nice.


Earlier this month, it has been reported that UK’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will have a 15 foot by 8 foot private bathroom that will come with a shower inside his Central London office and the cost of the entire project is amounting to 44,000 Pounds. The said bathroom, which is said to have some fixtures like the ones which can be seen at the BMS website, will be equipped with sensor-activated lights. In addition to this, the bathroom will also have recessed lighting and beautiful floor-to-ceiling lava tiles. According to the Heath Secretary, the said private bathroom was constructed in order for him to freshen up before starting his day at work because Mr. Hunt only uses his bicycle going to work as part of his initiative to promote healthy living practices.