Look at your list of people to give gifts to this Christmas season and you will see that there are those who love to travel. For these types of people, a custom map is the perfect holiday gift. It is also ideal as personalised wedding gifts if the couples are wanderlusts. The map can be of a special place or trip someone went to. This is a gift which can be given for people of all ages regardless of the gender.

The maker of the custom map is Map Your Travelers based in St. Louis Park in Minnesota. They have various options such as a map consisting of all the national parks in the country. It comes with pins in order to track which ones the receiver has visited or is planning to visit.

According to Map Your Travels owner, Nancy Spangrud, they have a previous client wanting to keep a record of all the parks they have been to as a family. They decided to give a copy of the map to all their children so they can map their own visits to the national park with their next generation family members.

If your family is inclined to sports, there is a map that features all the ballparks in the county including the past and the present ones. Colored pins can be used to indicate favorite places, stadiums as well as parks they have visited. The artworks are all created by a local artist named Julie May. The world maps, on the other hand, are designed by a cartographer based in Wisconsin.

The maps are printed using archival paper and there is foam on the core. Each one is finished with a wooden frame surrounding it. Samples can be viewed on the website of Map Your Travels.

Tom Percy, an industrial designer from Australia, is creating 3D maps using layers of plywood. The techniques applied are a combination of surveying and cartography. This is all done with the help of technology. This is another option for people looking for personalised wedding gifts or for this holiday season.