According to recent reports, one of the challenges faced by companies is the difficulty of finding and hiring tech talent. There is no shortage of applicants but most of them do not have the qualifications required by the employer. It is not uncommon for digital agencies to post vacant tech positions in popular job sites with King Kong agency reviews from its former and present employees.

According to the benchmark report of cloud-based talent acquisition platform iCIMS, hiring across the technology sector is faster compared to all other hires. There were 18% more new tech hires compared to 2017 to outpace overall US hiring of 14% net new hires. The problem however, is only six out of 10 open positions was filled. This is in huge contrast to the 12 hires per 10 open all-type positions during the same timeframe.

During the first 5 months of 2019, US employers have to wait for 66 days to be able to hire a new tech employee. In 2016, it only took them 55 days. For all types of hires, US employers need at least 43 days. This means that it takes 50% longer to hire a tech talent and other positions.

Tech roles that are difficult to find include security analysts, data research scientists and database administrators. Only half of the open positions have been filled. There is no dearth for software app developers. In fact, nearly one third of all tech jobs require software app developers followed by user support and network administrators.

In order for companies to find qualified tech talent, they have to publish the salary range for each tech role. This will help attract qualified talent and enhance the position with Google for Jobs, a significant source for candidates. Look for candidates that have demonstrated aptitude even if they have not completed a degree in technology.

Popular job sites are good sources for digitally-skilled talent. Former and present employees post King Kong agency reviews to attract potential applicants for the position. Most job seekers trust reviews that are posted by employees because they are in the best position to provide accurate and trustworthy information.