Niagara Waterfalls is a popular tourist destination, which attracts around twelve million tourists in a year. The Niagara trip can be very exhilarating with a number of fun-filled activities in and around the park.

Tourists can enjoy the majestic views of the gigantic waterfall from the side lines and can also book a Niagara falls ferry ride to see the falls closely. The falls are lit up with colorful lights during the evening which enhances the beauty of the waterfall. The ferry ride is once in a lifetime experience for the is advisable to book the ferry ride in advance as the seats are limited.

Though most of the tourists come here to view the gigantic waterfalls, there are a number of other tourist attractions. Some of the must visit attractions near Niagara falls are, Clifton Hill, Falls Ave, Falls view and Lundy’s lane. The Skylon Tower is another must-visit attraction which contains a number of fun activities and provides breath-taking views of the surroundings. Apart from these, there are a number of theme parks, water parks that provide entertainment to the whole family.

Apart from enjoying the scenic views, tourists can also get a glimpse of the Canadian History by visiting the historical spots near Niagara. The most significant war of 1812, which was a major point in the history of Canada took place near the Niagara Falls. There are many historic forts built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, like the Old Fort Erie, built by the British during the 1700s.

Tourists can enjoy a fun shopping experience while visiting the Niagara Falls Ontario. There are a number of high street shopping centers, boutiques and gift shops that offer a lot of variety for shoppers.

Niagara, Ontario is a wine country. There are a number of wineries in the region. Around twenty five wine yards can be found within fifteen to twenty minutes from the Niagara Falls. Tourists visiting the Niagara Falls during the Niagara Wine Festival, which occurs during the autumn can enjoy wine tastings, tours, concerts and family entertainment.

Apart from the world’s second largest Waterfalls, Niagara has a lot of attractions for the tourists. Tourists can enjoy the Niagara falls ferry ride, visit the historic sites around the Niagara Park, visit the theme parks and water parks and enjoy world class shopping.