Locals planning to send a parcel can hire interstate couriers in Melbourne but the city is currently focused in transporting people and not parcels. As part of their tourism campaign, the city of Melbourne launched a new advertisement but the taxpayers shouldered the cost which reaches $12 million.

The campaign is called A Twist at Every Turn which showcases four young Australians that are trying to uncover the hidden treasures located all over the central business district of Melbourne. The setting is that of a cinematic universe which is inspired by concepts from West Side Story, Anna Karenina and Mary Poppins.

The campaign worth $12 million was launched in various platforms including social media, cinemas and television.

According to Visit Melbourne, they wanted to highlight the five major qualities of the city – live music, sport, fashion and retail, creativity and arts as well as culinary experiences. This is in an attempt to attract travelers from the interstate and New Zealand to visit Melbourne for a chance to encounter its various attributes.

Peter Bingeman, the CEO of Visit Victoria, explained that the ad aims to feature the experiences they can have in the city rather than the physical beauty. He added that both consumers and travelers often describe Melbourne to be a city with many experiences to offer.

It is common for tourism ads to utilize drones in order to showcase the beauty of the place but Bingeman said that it is not what made Melbourne famous. Instead they produced an ad that features moods, emotions and experiences across the city.

The second phase of the campaign will be setting up a popup experience in various cities in Australia in order for people to know the nightlife in Melbourne.

Mr. Bingeman said that the next phase is called Melbourne After and Dark. The first popup will be set up in Sydney this coming November 25. It will then come to Brisbane and third stop is Adelaide.

Soon, it is expected that not only products will be traveling through interstate couriers in Melbourne but the people as well as they discover its offerings.