One of the most pressing problems the world is now facing is plastic waste. This is more so with third world countries such as India. This is why the authorities in Bengaluru are working hand in hand with the residents in order to provide an answer to this problem. While it is true that they still have a long way to go, these small steps they are taking are already making a big difference. Who would have thought that they can create tiles such as blue bathroom tiles from the plastic waste they have accumulated.

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike or BBMP said that the plastic waste is responsible for 20 per cent of the total wastes they are gathering from the entire municipality which amounts to 4,000 tonnes daily.

Two years ago, the government of the state mandated a ban on the production, storage as well as supplying of single-use plastics like plates, carry bags and flex banners among many other. Residential communities including Malleshwaram, HSR Layout and BTM layout are also doing their part to decrease the plastic waste in their community. Many of the big businesses and food establishments all over the country have turned to eco-friendly alternatives because they do not want to be caught by civic authorities.

With the increasing amount of plastic waste, a non-profit group in Bengaluru called Swachha decided to use these plastic waste to create useful products such as irrigation pipes and tiles. They partnered with BBMP in order to start the project known as Re-Tile. These tiles can be used for swimming pools, pavements, apartment walkways and even wall cladding because the resulting tiles are lightweight. The project is the brainchild of the Eco Solutions department of the non-profit organization.

According to the project lead, the tiles can resist heat with a maximum 150 degrees Celsius and are fire resistant. It can withstand a load of 35 tonnes and it can be recycled. The bonus is that it can be used to create blue bathroom tiles because the end result is a non-slip material.