It is not necessary for a plumbing company to hire only top-level master plumbers. An entrepreneur who wants to put up a plumbing business should hire employees with varying skill sets. There should be a right balance of skill level to come up with a reliable team.

A good service plumber must be able to satisfy a long list of requirements that include the following:

  • Talent to do the job properly.
  • Ability to establish good relations with the entire team.
  • Skills in handling different types of customers.
  • Always punctual and quick to respond.
  • Must be able to pass a drug test.
  • A law abiding citizen with no criminal record.
  • Has no record of any involvement in a vehicular accident or other unfavourable incidents that involved driving.

Most reputable plumbing companies, such as DWH Plumbing Solutions, know that experience should not always be the top priority when it comes to choosing the people to include in their plumbing team. There are talented new plumbers who are on the verge of building their reputation. A plumbing company with a good eye for talents will surely take in the inexperienced plumber and nurture him into a reliable worker. A plumbing team must have apprentices, journeymen, and masters.

The Pool of Apprentices

The helpers or apprentices are just starting their plumbing career. Their pay is lower than the journeymen. They are usually eager to learn, work hard, and eager to take an opportunity. They are usually young and nimble. They need supervision, and older plumbers can ask them to do the jobs that may require dexterity and strong muscles. Since they are not as expensive as the master plumbers, the plumbing company can lower the service rates that they give to customers.

Journeymen, the Midlevel

The journeymen specialize in high-profit, high-volume work. They are considered as the backbone of the plumbing operations. The journeymen have reached the level where their primary motivator is money. The plumbing companies that want to keep their journeymen satisfied with the team should offer opportunities for advancement. The plumbing company may continue to supply their journeymen with advanced training topics and scan for future leaders in the lot.

Master Plumbers, the Most Skilled Members of the Team

Master plumbers are the most qualified and skilled members of the plumbing team. They are expensive. Their years of experience prove that they possess the skills to pull off the job at hand.

In theory, the ideal team should have two apprentices, three journeymen, and one master plumber. But, it is not always the case. The plumbing companies, including DWH Plumbing Solutions, must be able to assess the skills and nature of each worker to come up with the winning plumbing team.