Just in case you forgot; 91% of consumers read online reviews and they trust reviews like recommendations from family and friends. Unlike paid advertisements, reviews can boost search rankings and improve conversions.

What do consumers look for in reviews?

The most important aspect that consumers look for is the star rating. If the star rating is 3 stars or lower on third-party review sites, the consumer will look right past you and will go to the competitor that has higher star ratings. Your star rating does not have to be a perfect 5 stars but you need a star rating that is higher than 3 to gain the potential customer’s trust.

People tend to read a lot of reviews before making a purchase decision. Some people will read at least 4 to 6 reviews although the number may range from 2 to 21 depending on the consumer. Sometimes, it is not the number of reviews that count but the quality. Some customers would write an essay with emphasis on the pros and cons while others will simply write “great service.”

People usually trust the latest reviews not reviews that were written 6 months before. Responding to reviews and social media comments and participating in forums will improve the brand’s credibility and reputation.

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