If you are arrested for a crime, the first thing that you need to do is call a criminal lawyer. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom protects your rights to talking to a lawyer without delay when you are detained and arrested. Even if you are charged for an offense, you are still entitled to a trial within a certain period and to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Why the first call must be to a lawyer

Calling a lawyer does not mean that you are guilty because asserting this right cannot be used by prosecutor to draw an inference of guilt from the jury. Agreeing to talk to the authorities without the presence of a lawyer may lead to disastrous results. It is important to make a clear request for a lawyer so that law enforcement will not assume that they can continue with questioning. Once you have asserted the right to a lawyer, the authorities cannot question you without your lawyer’s consent.

Your most immediate reaction is to get out of jail as quickly as possible by calling the bail bondsman. However, bail is expensive and it may cost thousands of dollars that cannot be refunded. When you have a lawyer, he can work to get the bail amount reduced or eliminated. He can have a bail hearing set near the time of arrest so that you can be released without the need to pay the court money on the condition that you will appear in court for your case. The court may impose additional conditions for your release but the monetary consequence may not be imposed as long as you do not violate the additional conditions. A well-experienced criminal lawyer can work for a lower charge than the original one that was filed which will result in a reduction in the bail amount.

It is a good idea to call Donich Law immediately because whatever evidence is presented during the bail hearing will be used by the judge to determine whether you should be jailed or not. It will also impact the outcome of the case. Even if you are not arrested, a criminal lawyer is still important to the early resolution of your case.