When you see pests in the home, the natural reaction will be to call the exterminators now for pest control. Pests in the property are not only inconvenient; they are also a serious threat to health and safety particularly among children. When pests threaten agricultural lands, they can severely affect the country’s economy.

The African economy relies heavily on agriculture. There are 3 types of pests that are hurting the economy and public health. Pests also cripple the ability to produce food making it impossible for the nation to export fresh fruits and vegetables.

The 3 mega-pest groups that is hurting the African economy includes mosquitoes, moths and fruit flies. The Anopheles mosquito transmits malaria to humans while the aedes aegypti mosquito transmits a virus that causes dengue. In 2017, 93% of the estimated 219 million cases of malaria and 430,000 deaths happened in Africa. This has resulted to a significant health and economic burden for the nation.

Fall armyworm is an insect that can be found in tropical and subtropical regions while tuta absoluta is moth specie. Both pests have caused significant yield loss of cash crops and staple crop leading to food shortage. Africa had to import food which resulted into a negative impact on the economy.

Fruit flies are the reason for the 50% yield loss to hundreds of fruits and vegetable crops. Because of the high level of infestation, Africa banned the export of fresh produce. The infestation occurred even with intensive spraying and massive financial investment on pest control over several decades. In 2017 alone, total funding to control and eliminate malaria reached an estimated $3.1 billion.

Mosquitoes have continuously affected health particularly in rural areas. Disease has weakened farmers making them unable to work and earn a living. Moths have damaged crops necessary for a family’s diet. Fruit flies have negatively impacted the African nation’s ability to export and bring in foreign currency.

Some sprays are ineffective at eliminating pests so that the best solution is to call the exterminators now to manage and control the pests inside the home or business. Do not wait for the pests to grow and multiply; eliminate them immediately.