Many businesses have become quite creative with their marketing strategies to survive the crises caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One example is King Kong advertising reviews through YouTube. Previously, reviews can be only accessed through online review sites and social media; now, reviews can be watched on YouTube to connect with current customers and attract new ones.

For Australia, economic recovery feels a long way off. Many businesses are still reeling from international border closures and international tourism is at a standstill. The worsening relations between Beijing and Canberra have hit a new low so that businesses that relied on Chinese tourists and students are expecting the worse.

According to business owners like Ms. Law of Luxe Hair Spa, there are not enough customers and rents are too high. Tourist areas like Chinatown are struggling because there are no international travellers and students.

The good news is a vaccine is coming and travel restrictions will be eased. If things do not return to normal soon, businesses won’t survive. Meanwhile, the state governments have introduced grants and stimulus measures to help sectors that have been hit hard by the economic crisis. The government of Victoria has also invested $3 billion for cash grants, tax relief, and cashflow support to help businesses that were heavily impacted by government-mandated restrictions.

Variations in King Kong advertising reviews have helped the digital marketing agency to generate new opportunities as the economy starts to recover. Their marketing strategy is customized to attract new clients and leads. This marketing strategy can also be used by other businesses.