Tutoring in Cerritos was established to help students from both private and public schools improve their grades. Having a dedicated and passionate tutor makes a difference particularly with a unique and individual approach to every student. There are students who tend to learn differently and they struggle in a class of 25 to 30 students. Students are taught how to learn best and develop independent learning skills.

In Stamford there are local businesses stories are worth sharing. Wise Learning Center provides specialized tutoring and all sorts of academic support to students from ACT/SAT test preparations, social skills group and Full Alternative School Programs. Stamford is a town with a great sense of community. Businesses, people, schools and families do not separate themselves from the community and if you want to start a business in town, you have to be involved and become part of the community.

The most difficult challenge for a tutoring service is not being known by everyone. Thousands of cars drive by but they do not know that specialized tutoring is being offered. Even if tutoring services are mostly small businesses they are competitive and it is important to be known so that help can be provided to students.

One of the greatest achievements of Wise Learning Center is the alternative school services. This is a Day School with small classes of 3 to 6 students who are provided with one-on-one full alternative programs. It is not just afterschool homework that the center wishes to provide help to because there are teachers who can customize, individualize and personalize different learning programs for every student.

Every student must have a better outlook on education in order to completely change their lives. The center has recently taken interns to shadow the teachers to learn more about business and education so that they can help with the instructions. The interns will eventually become future educators who will learn to interact with students in a classroom or in a one-on-one setting. Interns will also learn how to interact with parents, co-workers and everyone else in a business environment. Not only will the interns pick up educations skills, they will learn to hone their business skills.