An ugly Christmas sweater could be any sweater that has a Christmas theme in it and is decorated in a gaudy or tacky way. It is also fashioned with a bad taste. If the ugly Christmas sweater is adorned with more tinsel, embellishments and Christmas balls and lights then the uglier it is.

One cannot really pinpoint the person who invented the first ever ugly Christmas sweater. Since the cold and holiday season were celebrated, sweaters have been around and likewise, Christmas sweaters have been worn for some time. However, one can presumably say that the original intention of designing the ugly sweater was to be an attractive one. Perhaps, the decorating scheme went wrong and the ever changing fashion deems the ugly sweater as a fashion trend.

The business of ugly sweaters

The rise and business boom of the ugly Christmas sweaters have been talked about even by the Wall Street Journal. In the last several years, retail store owners disclosed that their sale of ugly sweaters during the holiday season has matched the same revenue in the eighties. Numerous corporation giants are sponsoring ugly Christmas sweater parties and events. Tickets to ugly sweater parties are selling out fast. The search engine Google has reported that the search of users for the words “ugly Christmas sweater” is up by about thirty percent from last year. There are now several websites dedicated in selling ugly Christmas sweaters all over the internet. Vintage stores have hoarded enough stocks to get them through the bulky demand when the holiday season steps in. The online store Ebay has reported of record high process on several vintage sales of ugly Christmas sweaters.

Collectors are willing to several hundreds of dollars for these gaudy looking sweaters.

The first Ugly Christmas sweater party

The people in the city of Vancouver claimed that they first hosted the ugly sweater party in the year 2002. The ugly sweater party has been held at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada yearly. The co-founders of the ugly Christmas sweater party are Jordan Birch and Chris Boyd. The pair has ever since trademarked in this yearly affair in Canada.