In business, there are two wheels Honda believed to be very essential: high quality and great service.


Take it from the Expert


Aiming to take his motorcycle business to a whole new level, thus was the principle that Mr. Soichiro Honda, the multinational businessman and founder of the Honda Motor Company, Ltd. had constantly kept at the back of his head. Trying to put his thoughts into a wittily convincing analogy, Honda once said that manufacturing high quality products which will satisfy the needs of your target market while having a superb customer service will surely boost your business to the top of your chosen niche. These two, according to him, must go together like the two wheels of a motorcycle as compromising one would surely lose your balance and will definitely be detrimental to your business success.


Know Every Part of Your Business


Apart from gearing up one’s self with the said principle, there are also a lot of things that everyone could learn upon reflecting on Honda’s business journey. On top of these is having an in-depth knowledge about the business that you are trying to put up.


Back in the days, when Honda decided to start his own automobile repair shop in order to produce piston rings, he found out that he lacked knowledge in manufacturing these rings. Hence, he decided to enrol in a technical school and used the knowledge he acquired from it to venture on even larger businesses such as putting up his own motorcycle company.


Prove that You are the Best


Secondly, proving to all your potential customers that your products are indeed the best ones they could grab in the market could also beget a drastic increase in your sales, just like how it did to Honda.


Proving that their motorcycles live up to international standards, their units were tried in the week-long Maudes Trophy endurance test in England and had successfully survived. Consequently, many people had relied and trusted on the functionality that the Honda Motor Company, Ltd. had to offer.


These are just some of the lessons and tips that one could learn and apply from the multinational millionaire himself. Indeed, the Honda Motor Company had already expanded to a plethora of countries from their main headquarters in Tokyo and even to the Wheels Honda shops in the Leicester and Peterborough areas. Yet, after all, it just took the right mindset, the sufficient knowledge, and the unwavering “drive” to achieve such.