A junk hauling business can generate great income if you operate it under proper management. Starting it does not require a lot of time and money but for it to reach success, you should establish good credibility. You need to be consistent with your work schedule and clients who will help you promote your band. Below are some basic steps to put up your first junk removal business.

  1. You need to assess the junk hauling market in your area. This means you will have to do some research and know the main players and the small, competing companies. You should also know which market you want to focus on – residential, commercial or both. Once you have decided, look at your competitors. This will require you to canvass the prices and services they offer. It will also help to look into their advertising techniques. If you find a dominant player in your chosen market, do not be discouraged. Instead, see it as a challenge and study what makes them rise above other competitors. Make use of what you have learned to work on your own junk hauling Orange County business.
  2. You should decide whether you want a franchise or your own company. If you go for the former, this means you will no longer have to think of your business models, advertisements, and branding. You will also get assistance when it comes to setting up trucks. You also have the option to buy an existing truck that is already covered with branding. The downside, however, is that franchising can be costly. In order for you to get started, you will have to pay for the franchise fee. You may even be required to share your income with the parent company.
  3. You must create a business plan. It should explain how you want to start your junk hauling Orange County business. Write your objective and provide an explanation on what you will do such as the kind of market you operate. Also, make a market research that proves your business has a spot in the market. Include your pricing model and marketing strategy.