MRI or the magnetic Resonance Imaging machine is a complex machine found in hospitals and diagnostic centres. The installation of this expensive and complex machine is a difficult process that requires careful planning and execution.

The MRI installation requires at least two technicians, who are experienced in high tech installations, of complex machinery and equipment. They should have the necessary tools to assemble and install the different parts of the machine.

The first step in the high tech installations of MRI machine is to install the magnet and shim it using appropriate tools. Shimming helps to compensate any differences and disturbance in the magnet and in the nearby environment. The technicians carrying out the installation should have knowledge about the right tools and metres to use for the shimming process in order to get error free measurements.

MRI machines use powerful magnets for functioning. The powerful magnetic fields generated by these machines pose serious threat to the surrounding environment. The strong magnetic field can draw metallic objects such as stretchers and wheelchairs and may pose danger to patients with metal implants. Hence it is essential for the technicians carrying out the high tech installation of MRI to mark the danger zone, which has the maximum magnetic strength. They should have experience and knowledge in using the magnetometers and other equipment that help them to mark the danger zone accurately.

The MRI machines should be installed in magnetically shielded areas for utmost efficiency in the readings. Since these machines can be easily disturbed with variable electric and magnetic fields generated by other equipment and traffic outside, the area for installation should be carefully selected. The selected area for the installation of the MRI machines should be magnetically shielded with different equipment installed into the walls. The room might also require sound dampening equipment to obstruct any unwanted noises form the surrounding areas entering the MRI room.

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