A corporate event like a conference, meeting or a product launch, requires the right venue to host the event. The ambience and amenities at the venue play a major role in determining the success of your corporate event. With more that 30 % of the budget allocated for the venue, corporate managers should be very cautious while selecting the venue for their corporate event.

Here is a list of simple guidelines to help you choose the perfect corporate event venue in Sutherland Shire, to host your conference, meeting or trade show.

  1. Accessibility of the venue

The first and foremost point to consider, while choosing a corporate event venue is its accessibility. The venue should be easily accessible through different public and private modes of transport. The venue should have ample parking facilities. The presence of networking spaces like restaurants and cafes near to the venue, increases the attendance to the event.

  1. Accommodations

If most of the attendees of your event are coming from places outside the city, it is essential to book venues with decent accommodation. Choosing a meeting venue in a hotel is beneficial in such scenarios. However, if your meeting venue is not in a hotel, consider the factors such as, availability of hotel rooms, the distance between the venue and the hotels, transportation requirements etc. before choosing the venue.

  1. Suitability

The venue should match with the theme of the event. The venue should align with your company’s brand image and must be the appropriate place for your target audience. Speak with the venue manager about the other events taking place at the venue along with your corporate event.

  1. Cost

Find out the price charged by the venue. Most of the venues charged high prices during peak seasons and are available for low prices during mid and low seasons. It is recommended to book the venue well in advance to avoid last minute price escalation. Negotiate the price with the venue manager; most of the venues decrease the price, if you negotiate multi-year deals.

  1. Availability

Once you shortlist a few venues for your event, it is important to check their availability for the event. Most of the event venues get booked well in advance during the peak season.

  1. Facilities

Check the facilities available at the venue. The corporate event venue in Sutherland shire should have ample facilities like modern audio-visual equipment, proper seating facilities, stage, etc. choose a venue that has all the required facilities.