Majority of Australians do not hire financial planners to evaluate and manage their investments and assets. They believe that they can do a better job at managing their own money than to spend money on financial planners. But financial planning and management is a complex subject and the services and expertise of a professional will surely help in proper management of your hard earned money and put you in the right path of achieving your goals. However, it is crucial to hire a professional and experienced financial advisor to keep your money safe and to avoid being duped.

If you are planning to hire a financial advisor advice you on investment and asset management, here are some questions you should ask them.


Ask the financial advisor about his qualifications. He should have the necessary certifications and qualifications prescribed by the government. Choosing a qualified financial planner to manage your finances, ensures that your investments are in the right hands.


It is important to know the different services offered by the financial planner. You have to chart-out your requirements and choose a financial planner who fulfils the requirements. Choosing a planner, who offers a wide array of services like, investment management, estate management, insurance management, taxation etc. will be helpful in the long run.

Fees and other costs

Different financial advisors charge different fees. While some charge a percentage of the total amount to be managed, others charged fixed fee or hourly rate. It is important to know about the fees and other costs like estate management costs etc. charged by the financial planner.

The previous and present clients of the planner

Before hiring a financial planner, know about his past and existing clients. Most of the reputed financial advisor advice to pick up a planner who is experienced in catering to clients in your financial strata.


You should always hire a financial planner, who is easy to communicate with. The financial advisor should provide easy access to his team members, in case you need any clarifications. The advisor should be willing to discuss issues as and when required.

Sample plan

Experienced financial advisor advice clients to ask for a sample investment plan to know about the investment philosophy of the financial planner.