World Bank recently published a report that states that Singapore is the number one country when it comes to supporting human capital. There are a total of 157 countries assessed but Singapore took the top spot while South Korea trails behind. The third and fourth spots are taken by Japan and Hong Kong. Due to the effort invested by Singapore in its human capital, kids that are born from now on will be able to reach 88 per cent of their productive potential as adults as long as they have good health and receive full education. The availability of tuition agency Singapore is a big help to students who want to excel in school.

According to the same report, the human capital index or HCI of Singapore is higher in girls compared to boys. The Human Capital Index for this year began during the beginning of the meetings between the IMF and the World Bank. This initiative was developed by the World Bank in order for economies to determine if their human capital investment needs improvement.

The HCI measures how nations are investing in their human capital depending on five factors. First indicator is the probability of a child surviving until the age of five. Second, the expected number of years the child will go to school. Third, the test scores of the child and fourth is the survival rate of the child as an adult. The last, but not the least, is the stunting rate in the country’s children.

It is estimated that around 56 per cent of the children who are born this day will not be able to achieve half of their potential if the government did not perform the necessary measures in order to make sure that they are given proper education and a healthy life.

Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank Group, said that the countries should invest more in their human capital. This is achieved when citizens get these three things as priority – health, knowledge and skills. Children are enrolled in tuition agency Singapore which helps them excel more academically.