For many companies, security is one of their major concerns. They make sure that employees are issued with plastic ID cards that are printed through plastic card printer that ensures clarity of information. Visitor access is controlled and managed through the issuance of plastic visitor badges. Meanwhile, a different type of security measure is required for business that transact through the internet.

In an auditorium at The Inn at Virginia Tech, small business owners, professionals and technology experts gathered to discuss the horrors of cyber attacks. Security threats today are no longer irate customers or disgruntled employees but cyber attacks. The gathering was part of a cyber security forum that was established by Small Business Development Centre.

Small businesses are not spared by the threats of cyber attacks. One example is a woman who shared the story on how a data breach affected her family’s legal business. A hacker used a fake email account to gather information about their clients and held the data for ransom. Another participant at the gathering told the story about an executive who inadvertently sent employee’s tax information to Nigerian thieves who collected thousands of dollars in tax refunds.

According to Bart Smith, director of Small Business Development Centre, businesses face the challenge of death, taxes and cyber security. For small businesses, hacking has become a very serious issue that can result into severe financial consequences. It is often difficult to convince small businesses to pay attention to cyber security warnings.

Employers usually avoid security measures because they believe it is expensive and complex. There is also the popular opinion that hackers prefer to attack large companies. However, statistics revealed that 43% of the cyber attacks last year targeted businesses that have less than 250 employees. The cyber attacks resulted to billions of dollars in interruption of services and theft of data.

However, organizations must not overlook the need for security within their premises. Instead of using traditional mediums like paper, employee ID cards are more durable when made from plastic printed with plastic card printer for good quality and design. The use of barcodes is a security measure that can be incorporated into the plastic ID cards.