There might be a new 5 star hotel in Patong, and an easy way to book it from mobile devices, as Sansiri launches The Standard Hotels and Residences brand in Asia with their first property, to be built in Phuket, alongside the launch of their new hotel spontaneous booking app, One Night.

These new developments are part of the developer’s plans for expansion into the global hospitality, tech and lifestyle industries, which they kicked off by investing a total of US$80m (Bt2.63b) in six global brands.

The move to the Asia region follows the Sansiri group’s rapid growth in 2017.

Sansiri CEO Apichart Chutrakul recently stated that the company announced said investments, and that these moves were part of the company’s plan to expand their multi-disciplinary portfolio and widen their reach, beyond real estate. He says that he is delighted to share that, a mere year later, their investment helped fuel impressive growth that’ll see two of their brands – The Standard and One Night – expanding into the lucrative Asian markets, with Thailand as their first port of call.

The Standard, noted as one of the biggest brand in the boutique hotel industry, recently acquired a 35% stake in the parent company in a deal that amounted to $58m, expanding the company’s reach. To build up on top of that, they are looking to open ten properties across the world over the next few years, with two of them in Thailand. This’ll be part of the company’s five-year plans to develop 20 hotels globally in key urban and travel hotspots.

This plan includes and targets, with hotels in key locations like Berlin, Chicago, Atlanta, Paris, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Phuket, which might mean a new 5 star hotel in Patong, with The Standard currently discussing all of their options for openings.

Chutrakul says that their first new hotel in Thailand will be in Phuket, where Sansiri will be introducing the first Standard Residences product alongside the hotel, saying that Thailand is a particularly attractive market for the company thanks to its many attractions and growing number of visitors.