With the rise in the number of same-sex couples and countries that allow marriage between members of the LGBTQ community, traditional weddings are that used to hold rituals between man and woman are now in the process of reimagining. These couples still look to the traditions followed for centuries in the wedding industry but they are adding their own touches. In Australia where same-sex wedding was recently legalized, marquee hire in Sydney saw a rise in number of LGBTQ couples booking their services.

According to a specialist in education and diversity, Kathryn Hamm, there is no difference in the process of planning a wedding between man and woman and same-sex couples. The structures are the same but with traditional weddings they have to plan carefully on who is going to fulfil the roles when the wedding is between two brides or between two grooms.

When it comes to the role they play in traditional wedding, LGBTQ couples do not have a rule to follow because they do not follow the norm is gender designation therefore they can booster their own creativity. It is practiced to have equal roles between two people who are to wed.

According to EquallyWed’s founder, Kirsten Palladino, same-sex couples find it freeing to follow what they want for their special day rather than adhere to certain rules in what they can and cannot do. There are many new things she has witnessed in LGBTQ wedding such as trains attached to the tuxedos of the grooms or drag queens playing the role of flower girls while other install double aisles so the couple can walk to the altar together.

Proposals are also not the same for same-sex couples unlike between man and women wherein men are expected to do the proposal. Therefore, it is not surprising that LGBTQ couples choose to defy gender roles when it comes to wedding ceremonies. At the end, majority choose to walk down the aisle together or wear the same suit at the wedding.

One thing is certain is that when it comes to planning from marquee hire in Sydney to the food they are going to serve the guests, these couples are just as invested regardless of the role they play in the community.