The trucking industry in Ontario has seen improvement in its safety record in twenty years. There’s an increase in the number of trucks that hit the road. It gained 77% increase in trucks, but the number of accidents that involve trucks had decreased. There are different available means to improve the safety record. Large trucks are still the ones responsible for the 20% fatalities. There are around 58,000 trucking and bus companies that are using commercial and private vehicles.

At least 34,000 busses and 291,000 large trucks use the Ontario roads to deliver goods or services to the people. All in all, there are at least 552,450 commercially licensed bus and truck drivers. Every year, the officers of commercial vehicle safety conduct 97,000 inspections to see whether the vehicles and drivers are still compliant to the road safety requirements. They don’t hesitate to decommission the commercial drivers and vehicles that are non-compliant to the road safety requirements. Any trucking company or business using commercial vehicles must make sure to always follow the road safety requirements to avoid mishaps.

Most Common Reasons for Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Commercial drivers of trucks and buses are responsible for the safety of their goods and passengers. They also need to be careful and not to get themselves involve in road accidents, which could take away the lives of the people on the street or the road and cause damage to properties.

Truck drivers have it rough. They often need to travel long distances to fulfil their duties. Many drivers turn to drugs to keep them wide-awake, but drugs can make them muddle-headed. Drugs can limit their reaction time, and they fail to arrive at a sound decision when a sudden problem on the road springs up.

There are also some who keep looking at their mobile phones for an incoming call or text message. There are drivers who are sending text messages while driving. This action can distract him and may cause misjudgement on his part.

Some drivers also drink while they drive. They usually drink more than the average amount and end up getting drunk while on duty. Alcohol can blur his judgment and may make him lose his rationality.

Most road accidents can be avoided, and it is the responsibility of a trucking company to remind their drivers of the things that they need to do to save themselves the trouble of facing the law.