Consumers tend to trust what reviews say about a brand much more than what the brand says about itself through advertising. This is particularly true when deciding on something that has higher significance or value. For example, a consumer tends to read king kong marketing reviews before deciding on whether or not to work with the digital agency.

According to a report by The Competitions and Markets Authority in 2015, it was revealed that about £23 billion in UK consumer spending yearly is influenced by online reviews. It appears that consumers trust online reviews because they are an important source of information.

However, BBC’s Newsnight discovered that fake one-star feedbacks are causing issues among retailers. Most of the fake reviews want to boost the sales of similar products offered by other retailers. An investigation by CMA has found distressing evidence of a thriving marketplace for false online reviews.

Amazon has taken action against fake reviews by deleting 20,000 reviews from its top 10 reviewers after the company discovered that they are receiving free products in exchange for 5-star ratings. Amazon wants its shoppers to purchase with confidence after reading an authentic and relevant review.

Last January, Facebook and eBay signed an agreement to identify, investigate and deal with fake and manipulated reviews in their platforms.

The good thing with king kong marketing reviews is they are usually written by the digital agency’s current and previous employees. The reviews reveal the reasons behind the company’s meteoric rise to success. There is always a way to make everything work through ambition, drive and passion.