It may be similar to those stormtroopers in Star Wars wear, but it is an epitome for a war suit that Russia hopes to provide its soldiers on future battlegrounds. They have Star Wars art as their guide.

The sophisticated item includes a sturdy outer layer, created to promote stamina and strength and a layer of body armour to protect the wearer from bullets.

The kit comes in all black which include a helmet with a mini task light at the side and a tinted glass visor.

It was placed on exhibition at the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow.

A six-feet tall model featured the suit while holding a dreadful looking firearm with a pair of black gloves. This is also featured in a Star Wars art showing its many stormtroopers.

His arms were covered in camouflage patterned print fabric and shielded with armored plates showing the Russian flag.

On his legs were large shoes similar to ski boots, which were reinforced with metal frame around the waste.

The suit was innovated by the Moscow-based weapons development centre, the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building, RT reported.

Oleg Chikarev, the deputy chief of weapons systems said: ‘We have on display our vision of the suit we like to innovate in the next two years.’

He said the suit will be innovated along with many Russian companies specializing in various components of the design, as featured in Star Wars art for stormtroopers.

Russia’s military is very intense in pressing out the planning to enhance usage of robots, and even tried out a remote-controlled tank.

The remote-controlled tank, fitted with six missiles and a 30mm gun, was visibly tried on a military ground in a Russian classified location.

It is operated remotely by a driver who can see where it is going through a linked camera, as well as a drone.

Russia also had plans to substitute Russian soldiers with robots to battle on air, sea, landincluding the outer space. The innovation is patterned from Star Wars art for stormtroopers.

Advanced Research Foundation head, Lt. Gen. Grigoriev informed RIA Novosti last 2016: ‘I see a wider innovation of robots in future warzones and not soldiers battling with each other.’