According to Southern Royal Rainmaking Operation Center’s director, WiraphonSudchada, the Royal Rainmakers are coming back to Phuket even after three unsuccessful tries. They are just waiting for the perfect weather as well as favorable air traffic conditions before they can make any move. Residents and businesses including family hotel in Phuket are already waiting for the attempt to be successful.

Mr. Wiraphon explained that unless the two conditions are met, the Royal Rainmakers will not be able to conduct continued cloud seeding operations. They need to have clouds before they can trigger rain and the air traffic must be favorable for them to conduct the operation.

He added that the biggest hurdle for them is the air traffic considering how busy both Krabi and Phuket airports are. This gives the Royal Rainmakers a very small window to perform cloud seeding. Careful monitoring has been conducted daily to make sure these requirements are met.

The Agriculture Office of Phuket has been cooperating with the Royal Rainmakers to keep them updated of the daily weather reports to help them decide when cloud seeding can be started. This is not the first time they have done this but the last three attempts were not successful. Their last attempt on the last day of March resulted to raining in the Andaman Sea.

The department of public relations in Phuket revealed that they have called upon the Royal Rainmakers after fear that the water shortage might worsen and turn into a crisis. It was then ordered that the cloud seeding should be expedited.

Water restrictions were put in place in February but it was removed and the Royal Rainmakers were then asked to look for another method. Despite the reassurance given by the governor of Phuket that the island is not under drought crisis, many of the residents from Rassada decided to hold a protest because their community is already suffering from the water shortage. After the protest, Lt. Gen. Pornsak heard of what happened and decided to deploy emergency water the next day. Luckily, tourism remains strong as accommodations such as family hotel in Phuket makes sure that they have enough water supply for their guests.