The consequences of DUI are very serious. You may lose your license, pay a large fine, face jail time or obtain a permanent mark on the record. If you are accused of DUI, call a DUI lawyer immediately so as not to compromise your life and livelihood. You can access a lawyer through to present your case in the most advantageous manner possible.

Vietnam has put a cap on drunk driving and this was proven advantageous to ride-hailing and taxi drivers. Customer numbers surged by as much as 20%. According to a self-confirmed party goer, he decided to use ride-hailing service after being fined for DUI. He paid VND100, 000 ($4.3) to the ride-hailing driver instead of paying a DUI fine of VNV3 million ($130).

Duc Huy was visibly surprised when all his friends attended a party in ride-hailing motorbikes and taxis. The extra costs of paying for transport service are just a fraction of DUI fines. More importantly, he reaches his home safely.

After the decree that prevents the harmful effects of drunk driving came into effect last January, restaurants and beer clubs across Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh saw a sudden increase in customers using taxis and ride-hailing services to drop or pick them up at about 9 pm. Since the new decree, ride-hailing drivers enjoyed an increase in their revenues.

Tien, a GrabBike driver has to shift his working hours to later in the evening because of increased demand. His income has increased by 10% to VNV600, 000 ($26) a day. Taxi drivers also reported a 20% increase in the number of customers.

Ride-hailing company Go-Viet plans to offer more evening rides to encourage drinkers and party-goers to use the service. The number of vouchers sold to businesses has doubled that is why they have plans of partnering with restaurants and eateries.

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