In recent years, only 16-year olds were daring enough to wear a short cropped top that reveals a modest amount of skin. With dozens of flattering styles, cropped tops have become a fashion trend and more and more girls are flashing their midriff. The exposure varies depending how much of the skin a girl wants to reveal.

Amazon is back in the spotlight after being accused of selling clothes from factories in Bangladesh and other countries where working conditions are considered unsafe. In 2013, a factory collapsed in Bangladesh resulting to more than 1,000 fatalities.

Major retailers like Target and Walmart joined self-monitoring groups which required the retailers to stop selling products from manufacturers that violate certain safety standards. Amazon did not join the group and this was noticed by officials in the industry.

According to a new report from Wall Street Journal based on global shipping records, data from, factory inspection reports and interviews from sources in New York and Bangladesh garment industries, it was traced how Amazon sells clothing and other products.

The report was able to trace that some products being sold by Amazon came from a factory in Chittagong, Bangladesh that has no fire alarms and managers lock workers inside the factory. The Bangladesh factories were found out to be negligent about safety with decaying buildings, broken alarms, missing sprinklers and fire barriers.

Aside from Amazon, some products from unsafe factories are reportedly sold by and garments from a banned factory were listed in Target. Aside from its platform, Amazon has millions of individual sellers on its 3rd party marketplace. Most of the sellers are anonymous and not subject to the oversight that Amazon places on its own brand.

According to Amazon, it is committed to sourcing private brands from socially responsible suppliers, brand owners, vendors and manufacturers that share their commitment.

The short cropped top is shorter than normal tops that do not reveal any skin in the abdominal area. The cropped top allows a peek of the navel or a modest strip under the bra line. Choosing a cropped top depends on the level of exposure that you desire.