Teeth crowding is a condition that occurs due to a small jaw or palate. Less space in the jaw causes the teeth to be crowded. This leads to a number of other oral and dental problems. Teeth crowding can be treated using palate expansion treatments.

Palate expansion treatments are done using an orthodontic device known as a jaw expander. The expander is placed on the upper or the lower jaw, depending on the requirement. The expander increases the gap between the two jaw bones and increases the space in the jaw. The palatal expansion treatment is mostly suggested for young children to take advantage of their natural growth process. The jaw bones in these children are still apart and there is option to increase the space.

Though jaw expanders are very effective in treating the problem of teeth crowding. They have some side-effects. The appearance of gap between the two front teeth is one of the side-effects of palatal expansion. Most parents are terrified when they notice the gap. However, it is important to note that the appearance of the gap indicates that the expander has moved the two bones apart and created space between the bones. The gap between two teeth is normal and helps you to know that the treatment is working.

After the desired level of expansion, the orthodontist will stop adjusting the screw in the expander, but leaves the device in place. This ensures that the two parts of the palate are held in place until the gap between them is covered by the newly developed bone. They remove the expander after ensuring that the gap created by the expander is filled with new cartilage. After the expander is removed, there is a possibility of slight loss of the arch width in the palate.

Some parents notice that the gap between front teeth that appeared during the process of expansion, slowly reduces and disappears during the process of stabilization. There is nothing to worry because as the creation of gap is natural so is the closing of the gaps.

The appearance of gap between the front teeth is one side-effect of using a jaw expander. However, you need not worry because it is a normal phenomenon and the gap will reduce and disappear on its own, once the device is removed and the jaw stabilizes.