According to the Douglas Chamber of Commerce, Cairns Airport together with Cairns Regional Council is collaborating with the state government of Queensland in order to try injecting a new airline into the market. This is part of the plan they are devising from the Tourism 2020 scheme. This is expected to impact the operators of Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle but it will also be good for the local tourism.

Kate Jones, the minister for Tourism Industry Development, said that they have already submitted an EOI or expressions of interests in order to accept a new airline. It will shuttle not just passengers but also freight that is travelling from Tropical North Queensland going to any parts of Asia and vice versa.

She added that the process will ensure that they will get on board airlines that are interested to become a bridge between Tropical North Queensland and the Asian region by promoting major trade as well as tourism.

She reiterated that when it comes to tourism experiences, Queensland has a lot of unique things to offer. They are also aware of the crucial role that Tropical North plays as a trading center for Queensland. More so because they have a strong desire to strengthen the current trade ties they have within Southeast Asia.

The decision came after Cathay Pacific announced that they are no longer offering flights between Cairns and Hong Kong which they have been offering for the last 25 years.

Liz Ross, who is the president of the Douglas Chamber, said that the Tourism 2020 scheme of the government will focus on the market in Asia and how it will play a major role in the economy as a whole. Despite the changes, they are in the right part to accomplishing their plans.

Based on the 2020 scheme they have, they expect that over 50 per cent of their international arrivals will be from countries within Asia while 42 per cent will be an increase in tourists from Mainland China. These guests will book Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle in order to make their journey more comfortable with less hassle.