Based on a statistics published by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, twenty per cent of all the missing children in the United States have been reported in Virginia.

In light with this, the collaboration was made between the non-profit organization Help Save The Next Girl and the police force in Roanoke in order to raise awareness regarding crimes like these. The police force recently unveiled the new look of their patrol car which is covered in car decals that support the cause started by the non-profit organization.

Help Save the Next Girl is doing all measures they can in order to team up with the law enforcement to provide protection to young girls and women who are in risk from different dangers in the society. The most common one they are facing is abduction as well as cases that deal with missing persons.

According to Eddie Hopkins who is a detective working for the Investigative Bureau and one of the individuals responsible in organizing the event, they are showcasing these things in order to raise awareness of what’s going on in the current world we all live in and in an effort to save the next girl who could be a victim of human trafficking.

Sergeant Jennifer Boswell said that one of the hardest cases for them are those of missing persons because all they can do is to hope for the best and majority of the times, that is not the end result. They are doing all they can to make sure that further incidents will not be happening. This is why theyare spreading the message of Help Save the Next Girl.

Boswell is now working hand in hand with Help Save the Next Girl. The car used for vehicle wrapping was assigned to District 14 which is the location surrounding Valley View Mall. The same vehicle will be used to patrol the streets 24 hours of every day. Vehicle signage in Sydney is also a trend especially for businesses who are trying to get their brands out there through mobile advertisements.