Whenever homeowners in Australia have a problem with pest, they call pest control in Sydney right away but Ireland may have a new solution to their growing pest problem.

Jurgen Hick presented a solution to the gull problem in the country through his fascination with falcons and other birds of prey. He was only 15 years old when he got his first falcon with license and 26 years later he did not lose his interest with the bird. He is currently living in Co Clare and aside from his job in the falconry tourism; he is also offering services in pest control department.

He is offering pest control through natural methods for the past decade and a half.

According to Hick, the county councils have been worried about the continued problem with crows and gulls that they decided to hire Falconry Pest Control. Their services are done in supplement to the food and bin management programs of the communities.

Hick said that humans must be responsible as it is not right for the animals to eat the waste we throw away thus resulting to contamination in other sources of food. The dangerous thing about these pests is that they have wings and it is easy for them to spread bacteria and diseases since they have no control in wherever they might go. It is now common to see gulls as well as young crows as they eat human food and waste.

This situation of providing food sources for them encourages the birds to flock the area in larger numbers than before.

Working with Hick is Gerhard Booysen, his brother in law, and he is instrumental in the success of their pest control business. He is also a falconer like Hicks and he enjoys the hobby with Coley, his son who is currently his apprentice.

As of now, they cannot expand as freely as pest control in Sydney because he admitted that it is not easy for him to find other people that are passionate about working with the birds. One of his goals is to build a centre for the birds of prey and he is hoping that five years from now it will come to fruition.