Gain Shill, a pest controller from Brisbane, has been in the business for seventeen years, and he has never seen a huge huntsman ever.

His pest control in Brisbane was contacted by a frightened homeowner to handle a “mother of all spiders”. He spent around 40 minutes to remove the spider creeping at the other end of the house. The behemoth had 20cm leg span, and this was not something new why it had to be eradicated.

When Mr. Shill arrived, he wasn’t surprise by the homeowner’s reaction.

“I don’t usually get dumbfounded by a spider, but this one had me going,” Mr. Shill declared.

In a fearful account of what occurred next, the owner of the All year Pest Solutions said he tried to lure the spider to the ground before it jumped in the back of the refrigerator.

He then took hold of the broom to take it outside and he was struck by the hugeness of the creature. It was actually a horrible site.

“The homeowner’s broom head was about 30cm, and I would say the huntsman spread three quarters of the broom,” he said. “The pictures that I took really didn’t do justice.”

The pest control in Brisbane owner Mr. Shill tells the South-West News with another spine-tingling titbit that spiders like huntsman keep growing until they finally perish. Certainly, it is a fact that other Brisbane homeowners can experience, but this is actually his first to encounter such huge spider.

“One must note that spiders are afraid of people, much as we are to them,” he said.

“Huntsman spiders are nature’s best pest controllers, and they are actually friendly creatures. It’s such saddening that there are those who are really scared of them.”

For this reason, he recommended removing and relocating them if they are seen indoors.

“You can utilize a bowl to cover the spider and use a bit of paper beneath. You can put the bowl outside and let the spider crawl out.”

Now that the pest control in Brisbane has solved this problem, Mr. Shill awaits the next call for him to eradicate another type of pest.