On display at a trade show was jewellery that has been purposely designed to carry around a person’s cremated love one. Manufacturers have created funeral jewellery specific for keepsake of the cremated remains without anyone knowing except the wearing person wearing it. Technology has allowed diamond jewellery to be made from the ashes of a cremated loved one.

Technology has also managed to replicate the fingerprints of a loved one so that it can be incorporated into a picture frame or transfer the DNA into a stylish and beautiful pendant. Even headstones contain genealogical data, photographs and biographies. Personalized caskets can be chosen by families so that they write personal messages.

Families are looking at different options particularly those that are environmentally friendly like caskets made from wood, cardboard, wicker or bamboo. It is odd for a tradeshow to be focused on the afterlife but it is important because people will have the information needed when a loved one dies. Death is a very stressful event for families but decisions need to be made.

One of the items displayed in the tradeshow was a coffin that has been emblazoned with the Canadian flag inside and outside. The casket is not in the production line but simply a gimmick to catch the attention of people in the tradeshow.

It is also interesting to note that cremation rates have increased over the years. According to funeral directors, in the 1960’s cremations only accounted for less than 5% of all Canadian deaths but by 1990, creation was up by about one third. In 2011, almost 60% chose cremation for their departed loved one. In the Western provinces of Canada, cremation rates were up by 90% but they drop to about 30% in the Prince Edward Island. Cremation Association of North America predicts that by 2019, three of four Canadians will opt for cremation instead of the traditional ground burial.

You can keep your loved one close to your heart through funeral jewellery in Perth. There is a wide range of jewellery options to choose from in many different styles. There are jewelleries that are made from ashes and jewellery that can hold the ashes.