In the age of the internet, digital marketing can’t be ignored; things like King Kong SEO reviews and the like can’t be dismissed and put aside. Even more traditional brands are embracing digital marketing. Like jewellery retail company Pandora, which recently appointed fifty-five, a subsidiary of You & Mr Jones, considered the world’s very first brandtech group, as their data consultancy firm.

Pandora has taken heed of digital marketing, and its King Kong SEO reviews, and is working on bolstering its digital media capabilities as part of its effort to promote their brand and drive up sales, as well as bring in more people to visit their brick and mortar stores. The brand has stated its interest in the impact that digital marketing investment has, and how that could be useful in improving the experiences of its brands.

The team brought in fifty-five London on to help them, and share what the firm knows about advanced tracking and analytics. The consultancy firm will be supplying appraisals of digital attribution models and tech vendors, alongside a development of Pandora’s current digital and tech setup, combined with detailed recommendations to improve the company’s access to data between tools. Using this, the data experts from fifty-five’s experts will be working with Pandora’s teams in order to get a better idea of customer experiences, as well as the role that digital channels play in that.

Fifty-five MD Richard Wheaton says that Pandora is a major brand, and digital media is a key tool for attracting customers with their products and getting them to buy and stay loyal to the brand, and that they are delighted to work with the jewellery brand, providing them with better insight on the impact of digital media.

Pandora Head of Digital Charles Ashby says that Pandora utilizes media across digital channels, and they need to understand how these help the company’s sales and branding. He adds that they’re delighted, in turn, to be working with fifty-five to make sure that they the best implementation in the industry, and to take a good look at the company’s processes in light of the changes to the market and GDPR guidelines.