Have you ever dreamed of finally owning your car? Like perhaps when you were little you were so mesmerized upon the fact of actually driving down the road and going to amazing places, miles away from home, for an exciting adventure. However, as many plan to buy their own car, some are torn between buying a used car or a brand new one. Indeed, there are a lot of stores and shops selling second hand cars and even spare parts such as enormous truck wheels, Ford seat covers, and even side mirrors among others.

Nevertheless, if you are going to take all the pros and cons into account, which of the two is actually the more economical and practical choice?

Why a used car?

First of all, used cars obviously cost less than brand new cars. This means that you could get a certain unit for even less than half of its original price. Therefore, if you are quite restricted with your budget, then opting to buy good quality second-hand cars would be a great choice. In addition, used cars, as so they say, have “stood the test of time”. Hence, their durability and functionality have already been proven and tested. You, as a potential owner, could now see whether the unit could actually last for a long time. Furthermore, cars are known to depreciate fastest in their first two years and thus buying new ones would somehow be impractical.

Why a brand new car?

Nevertheless, despite all these benefits of buying old cars, many enthusiasts still argue that brand new cars outweigh the benefits of the old ones. To start with, although new ones may seem to cost more, old cars actually entail a higher maintenance and could thus require more money in the long run. This is because the materials used in old cars are no longer on their best conditions. In connection, new cars are actually more efficient and more reliable as all the parts are still brand new. Used cars are also notorious for needing much greater gasoline cost and higher interest rates. Lastly, resale values of new cars are much more higher than used cars.

At the end of the day, there are indeed a lot of economic odds that you need to consider. And because buying a new car needs keen decision making and preparation, contrary to simply buying astounding Ford seat covers in retail, one really needs to weigh out everything properly before coming up with a decision– whether to buy old cars or otherwise.