If you are a frequent visitor of the American Repertory Theater (ART) in Cambridge, then you would immediately identify its biggest problem, ‘insufficient bathrooms.’

For those who are unaware of what the ART is, it is a nonprofit theater located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1980 by playwright and producer Robert Brustein who also had founded the Yale Repertory Theater in New haven, Connecticut. The ART is known for its commitment to the unexplored and undiscovered works of the past decades, music and theater exploration, new American plays and the establishment of classical texts as it is reinterpreted in new and refreshing ways. It is the only permanent professional arts organization in the campus and was also responsible for the first ever undergraduate credit courses in Theatre in the prestigious Harvard University.

The ART was featured in TIME Magazine as one of the top three theaters in the US. In its thirty years, The ART has won many awards including a Pulitzer Prize, three Tony awards and Jujamcyn award.

It has performed not only in the US but also throughout the world in 16 countries.

Although The ART has achieved a lot of honors and prestige, it had also garnered many problems including the limited bathrooms for people to use.

A lot of movie goers have suffered the lack of bathroom stalls. Women would have to wait in a long line before they could use a bathroom stalls. This had caused quite an inconvenience but now people, especially women, can now heave sigh of relief.

The ART has pitched a self-mocking email for donations saying: “No more fighting for a bathroom stall.”

The theater said that it needs to raise at least $230,000 by December 31 for it to conduct a critical upgrade on all of its bathrooms. They plan to double the number of stalls in the bathrooms from five stalls to ten.

Through the constant stream of donations, The ART said that it is almost at the peak of its goal. Those who donate can also get a chance to win a free ticket to The ART’s “Finding Neverland” which will be shown on Broadway.