If you are a company like the Fitzhugh Decorators who are engaged at giving professional decorating and painting services to clients then you are surely in high demand for the next few years as the demand in the housing sector continues to increase.

The United Kingdom is expected to see an increase in the number of supply of starter homes which be exclusively offered to people who are first time buyers and are also under the age of 40. This new development has been announced by the UK government at the opening of its new parliament.

The speech of the Queen has also included several issues that relates to the property markets of the country which were received with positive reaction.
These new starter homes that are to be prioritized to first time buyers are offered with a 20 percent discount which is significantly below its market value. Along with that news is the extension to at least 1.3 million housing tenants of the current right to buy policy.

The government is also set to take forward the strategy of Right to Build which will require the local planning authorities to support self builders as well as custom builders registered in their respective localities identify suitable lands to build their very own home. There is also a statutory registry for lands that have brown field. Its introduction to the public will help in achieving the target of getting Development Orders in place.

This neighborhood planning system is also set to be simplified and will be speeded up in order to support different communities which seek to meet the local housing needs as well as other development needs in the locality through the process of neighborhood planning.

What was the reaction of the housing and property industries? These industries reacted positively and everyone agreed that there is indeed a pressing need to erect or build thousands of new homes across United Kingdom, particularly in London.

However, there were also those who did not receive the news well. Estate agents from a renowned broker question whether these planned strategies are setting the sights high enough.