This month of March, the new Safetech Products will be released and the said padlocks are equipped with Bluetooth and NFC. These padlocks are not just high-tech but also stylish because it comes in various colors. The new $79 padlock is called Quicklock Padlock and it will be joining the Bluetooth locks offered by Safetech. As soon as it is available, users may be able to order the Quicklock when they visit the company’s website. The company is also planning on conquering the online stage as well as up and starting retailers though the when is not concrete yet. The company revealed that though Quicklock’s design is fit consumers as well as owners of small businesses, the new padlock may also be used in industrial applications.

Quicklock comes with a free mobile app which can be downloaded using a smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. Through the app, the padlock may be unlocked via Bluetooth. Aside from Bluetooth technology, it may also be unlocked using key fobs equipped with NFS, keycards and rings that may be worn on one’s finger. Multiple Quicklocks may be controlled using one phone and the same goes with NFC devices.

One Quicklock may be able to connect with around 50 fob keys, keycards and rings. The company revealed that the device may be managed by tracking who accessed it and when. The padlock comes with a battery made of lithium-polymer and is rechargeable. It may be charged using a USB and is done within minutes. The device is worth $79 and it comes with an NFC keycard. With an additional ring, the padlock may be purchased at $145.

RPH Engineering is the owners of Safetech Products. The company also develops door systems for industrial applications, displays on taxi backseats and products featured on Shark Tank. Another product the company developed is the Gun Box where guns may be kept and unlocked only using RFID rings or fingerprint scanning method. From developing products for hire, the company is now developing products that they sale directly to the public such the Gun Box and the Quicklock padlocks.