Traffic jam is one of the major problems faced by many places in the world and Lagos is not a stranger to this situation. Sales of motorcycles have increased according to a Kawasaki dealer because many chose to use two-wheeled vehicles to beat the traffic. Recently, a new means of public transportation has opened in Nigeria and it is none other than through motorcycle.

The government of Lagos State is not officially campaigning for the public to use this motorbike service yet there is no denying that there has been a public outcry because of the insane traffic condition which led to many people deciding to hop on to the back of a motorcycle instead. Nigeria is not the only country in the world with motorcycle taxis. In fact, a number of countries are already enjoying this service.

With the rise of motorcycle taxis, entrepreneurs realized that they could make a business out of it especially tech companies after realizing that it is the two-wheeled version of an Uber or a Grab. Therefore, what it needs next is to have its own mobile application for easier ride-hailing. In 2018, a number of these apps have been seen in the market yet one of the most popular is Gokada.

Locals in Lagos refer to motorcycle taxis as okadas due its faster speed compared to a four-wheeled vehicle. It came from the first private commercial airline introduced in Nigeria which is Okada Air. Before the end of the 90s, there were already motorcycle taxis present on the roads. During those times, okadas are considered to be dangerous because of the number of people who have already experienced it and landed in the hospital.

Nowadays, motorcycle taxis are far safer and Lagos State ensures that these two-wheeled taxis stick to the inner streets only. There are already rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety of the drivers and the passengers. Furthermore, the creation of a mobile application will ease the regulation of these motorcycle taxis. In agreement is a Kawasaki dealer in the country who firmly believes motorcycles are safe as long as the proper rules are followed.